Incorporate Sports Massage to Become a Better Marathon Runner

marathonRunning can be very difficult on our muscles. It requires sustained contractions and a lot of force that shortens muscle fibers. This is the only way that we end up moving faster and further. But at the same time, it will lead to more than just shortened and tighter muscles. Your range of motion is also reduced and circulation of blood to tissues is decreased. For marathon runners like me, these are the risks we make whenever we train and race. Although I love running, I have to be aware how it affects my body too.

Because I wanted to make sure that I am able to run for many more years to come, I decided to incorporate the best sports massage in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs into my routine. I heard about this from other fellow runners before, and after reading up on its benefits, I became convinced that this is the best way to take care of my body and continue to do marathons.

Massage is a great idea to counteract the effects of running on your body. It will elongate your muscles and relieve tightness. At the same time, joint range of motion can be restored.

Another huge benefit of massage is that it makes your circulatory system more effective. This can, in turn, affect the transfer of oxygen and the removal of waste from your cells. This system is also responsible for bringing blood rich in glucose and electrolytes to your muscle tissue. Lastly, it cleanses your body by picking up by-products and waste from muscles. 

A more effective circulatory system will affect the other systems of your body as well. Surrounding cells and tissues receive more nutrients and oxygen. Your blood vessels will increase in diameter and blood pressure is decreased. This is very good for runners because the better function of your circulatory system will help us recover faster. Moreover, injuries can be prevented and we can even improve our performance.

A massage after training or a marathon can reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Healing of connective tissues is improved. Other benefits include the reduction of both cortisol levels and norepinephrine and epinephrine levels. Even your posture and gait can be restored. Lastly, your breathing is improved because tight respiratory muscles are loosened.

To fully enjoy these advantages, one massage is not enough. This is why you have to incorporate it into your routine, because these effects accumulate and increase when you have repetitive and sequential sessions. 

Your massage therapy can also be part of a preventative program. And if you suffer an injury, massage can be part of the recovery process after going to the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Once you have found a reliable massage therapist, he or she can develop a plan specifically for you. This would depend on your running schedule, goals, and other factors. Regular sessions will be set, it can be done weekly, monthly or every two weeks. If you have recurring injuries or weaknesses, or targeting a new distance, take this into consideration. Even your budget is a main factor. Massages should be scheduled around dates of races or marathons. Sessions before a run should be done 3 to 5 days earlier and schedule one 3 to 5 days after as well. This is to make sure that muscles are not anymore sore. Do not forget to also drink a lot of water, to stretch and eat well as part of your routine.

Although running makes me feel good, and I would love to continue running for as long as I can, the fact is, it is also a sport that puts enormous pressure on our legs. In fact, forces equivalent up to 3 times of our body weight press down on our feet when we run. Imagine how much that is when we are running a long distance, like in a marathon. 

Your stretching routine before going for a run, though beneficial, is not enough. Only the middle of the muscles will reap the advantages, on the other hand, a good sports massage can take care of the entire muscle. Therefore, tightness can be adequately addressed. When the issue is resolved, then you can run normally and vigorously again without an pain or discomfort encountered.

Massage is not the complete solution, instead, it should be incorporated into your routine, along with proper stretching, warming up and cooling down, as well as a nutritious diet. This is the only way to make sure our bodies are ready and able to take on the demands of marathon running. So go and look for a great and reliable sports massage therapist to be your partner in achieving your running goals.

How Acupuncture Changed the Way I Looked at TCM and its Impact on Fertility

fertility acupuncture

I have always believed in Western medicine. There simply is something to other forms of medical belief systems that don’t sit well with me. While I do recognize the fact that there are certain things that still cannot be explained by science, I do believe that it is only a matter of time before the truth is eventually established. However, if the traditional medical practice has been used for many millennia, albeit with anecdotal evidence, is it not worth checking out whether acupuncture or even Chinese herbs for fertility work? I mean, sure science is supposed to know everything; but, what if science is also limited by man’s less-than-perfect understanding of his world? If tens of millions of people have benefitted from the use of traditional Chinese medicine yet unexplained by science, is it enough to discard TCM altogether?

My husband and I have been having problems conceiving. We went to doctors, the so-called fertility experts. We went through extensive laboratory and diagnostic tests to determine what is wrong, both me and my husband. My husband’s sperm cells were checked. My ovaries as well as hormonal profile were also checked. I was given some medications that I thought would get me ovulating more regularly. I’ve been on this treatment for 3 years and still no sign of getting pregnant. We had in-vitro fertilization and had to modify some of my lifestyle to really make it work. Unfortunately, while I did get pregnant, I was not able to carry it to term. I had a miscarriage at 4 months. You can just imagine the devastation. IVF is not cheap; not to mention the stress of having to really adhere to the other requirements of the therapy. This is when I started to question the effectiveness of Western medical treatments for fertility. I was desperate. I could see the frustration in my husband’s eyes as well. That’s when I knew it’s time to try TCM.

A friend of mine advised me to visit Freedom Chinese Medicine page to find out more, especially the range of services that they offer. Again, having been borne and raised in the idea that Western medicine is superior to traditional medical systems, I was really skeptical. But then again, what am I to lose?

Acupuncture, I found out, does not necessarily replace Western treatments but rather enhances the different physiologic processes of the body in order to increase the chances of success of these therapeutic procedures, particularly IVF. The idea is all about re-establishing the balance and harmony between and among the different organs of my body from my brain down to my ovaries and uterus. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe that diseases or illnesses are the result of an imbalance in the flow of chi, an invisible force that gives life. An imbalance occurs when this life energy is blocked and cannot reach other parts of the body resulting in excess chi in one part and deficiencies in another. While I normally would like to hear a more scientific explanation to this, it actually made perfect sense.

What acupuncture does to the body, in terms of fertility problems, is that it enhances the functioning of the ovaries which provides a feedback loop to the brain which, in turn, regulates other bodily processes to help the ovaries get better. More importantly, acupuncture helps the ovaries receive all the nutrients and oxygen they need to function optimally especially in the maturation and release of healthier and more viable egg cells. For my husband, acupuncture also helped his testes produce healthier, more motile, and more acid-resistant sperm cells.

Freedom Chinese Medicine also introduced me to several Chinese herbs that have been used for thousands of years to help women to bear children. The mechanism of action of these herbal preparations are basically the same as acupuncture – reestablish balance. If there is deficiency, then something must be added. This is where ginseng, astragalus, and ho-shou-wu can help. If there is a heat syndrome, then it must be cooled down. Gardenia, lonicera, and phellodendron can help. If there is stagnancy, then the obstruction must be removed and the flow of energy facilitated. Salvia, carthamus, and persica can then be used.

I am now on my 6th month of pregnancy after having acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines for almost a year. And we didn’t require any medications nor any expensive in-vitro fertilization treatments. I do visit my obstetrician on a regular monthly basis complete with lab work and ultrasound imaging to see how the fetus is doing. And I cannot tell you how happy we are every time we see our baby’s image on the screen.

I never believed in non-Western medicine. But my experiences with acupuncture and TCM somehow opened my eyes to the fact that there are certain things in life that cannot be explained by science but it does not necessarily mean that they are useless.

My Journey to Buying One of Melbourne’s Hottest Properties

Buying a Property 2Before I bought the Melbourne hottest property and live the life of modern convenience, I have to admit it was never easy. I was confused whether to buy an apartment or a single detached home.

I was with a friend during one of my daily morning rituals, with a hot cup of coffee enjoying my favorite pastry in a Melbourne coffee shop not far from where I work, when I met Peter from Chilli Realty real estate agencyI was telling my friend how confused I was whether to get a single detached home like my family did in the past or should I go and take an apartment instead. We had some friends who lived in apartments but mostly in single detached homes like I did. Perhaps Peter overheard us and decided to join in and share his thoughts.

Well, what Peter shared more than validated my earlier assumptions about getting an apartment instead of a house and lot. I knew apartment living is more convenient and offers me the kind of lifestyle that I truly deserved. Don’t get me wrong but I don’t think living in a single detached home is practical if you are living in the city. If you are in the suburbs of Melbourne, probably a single detached home might be a very good buy. But I wanted to live where the action is. I wanted to live in a property that allows me access to all of the things that I enjoy the most. I don’t even have to drive to work because I can simply take the mass transport system or just pedal my way to work.

The properties Peter’s realty, Chilli Realty, showed me that time were truly amazing; on paper, at least. And I could tell that every single unit of property the realty is selling has been dutifully maintained. So, eyeing a particular property, I set up a schedule with Peter so we can visit the said property over the weekend.

I gathered all of my financial documents later that night. The following day, I asked for permission to go to work on a half day so I can have my loan application preapproved. I went to two financial institutions in Melbourne and submitted a copy of my documents in order to get preapproved. Peter told me to have preapproved if I am not going to buy the property on a cash basis. This way, I will have an idea of the amount of loan I am entitled to borrow based on my financial standing. Peter also said this will save me the hassle of getting preapproved only to find out the dream apartment is clearly way out of my league. So I did just that.

With a working knowledge of how much I am able to loan from the financial institution, I called a friend who had a property inspector friend and asked if he wouldn’t mind accompanying me to the property I am scheduled to visit and inspect with Peter that weekend. Thankfully, he agreed and since we have a common friend, he was prepared to inspect the property for free. But I was prepared to give him something afterwards.

Well, to cut the story short, weekend came and we visited the apartment. It was truly a lot better up close and personal than it was on the portfolio brought by Peter in our initial meeting. The apartment was very modern complete with all the fixtures of a modern home that you can ever think of. I knew I just had to have this apartment. And I also knew that I am being emotional already. And when buying anything, the last thing you will ever need is to buy on impulse. So, I had to calm my excitement and wait for the inspection of my friend’s property inspector friend. When he gave me the thumbs up sign, I knew I have found a gem. And since I was already preapproved and knew that the loan amount is sufficient to cover the purchase of the apartment, I knew the last thing now is to get all the paper works done.

Peter was kind enough to show me all the details of the purchase. I also asked if I could review first the contract before signing and he readily obliged. I brought the contract to a lawyer who gave me the go signal as there was simply no issue that he could foresee. And the rest is history.

I am now living in one of Melbourne’s hottest apartment units and loving every moment of it. Access to everything that I need can be reached by foot without any hassle or stress. If I was able to attain this dream, you too can live yours. It is just a matter of making sound decision and weighing the pros and cons of the property you plan to buy.

3 Tips to Getting an Excellent Balayage Hair Colouring

balayageAll over the world people are asking their favourite hair stylists to perform a balayage on them. People require the more natural sun-kissed look of balayage hair colouring than the plasticky and very unnatural look of foil hair colouring. This hair highlighting technique, while already been in use in Paris since the 1970s, only washed the shores of North America in the 80s and 90s. But how do you get an excellent balayage in the first place?

Here are some tips.

Learn the Fundamentals

Balayage is quite easy to do if you know the basics. While it does not require foil or any other material aside from the hair pigment you will be using to colour your hair you will still have to learn how to apply the pigment onto your hair. The effect you want to achieve is an unevenly and heavier coloured hair at the tips to create an illusion of hair growth. If you have seen natural hair that reflects the sun’s rays in the morning or late in the afternoon where some sections of the hair naturally sparkle while others do not, then that is the effect that you would like to achieve.

To help you learn the basics, you may want to watch a hair colouring expert perform a balayage on someone else. Then you can try to apply it on your willing family members or friends first before you try it on yourself.

Get Inspiration

There are plenty of Hollywood celebrities and A-listers including members of the social elite that uses balayage. The problem is that most people don’t know that these celebrities are using balayage simply because the hair colouring is so subtle that it would seem it was not applied onto the hair itself. It gives an illusion that the hair naturally looks that way.

Check out fashion magazines and try to spot celebrities and models who may or may not have a balayage to understand the subtle differences between the two. Or you can compare balayage with other types of hair colouring techniques to give you a much better understanding of why a lot of celebrities choose the balayage over other techniques.

Get a Balayage Expert

Now, if you don’t like messing your hands or are not really confident about applying the hair colouring on yourself, then your best option will be to get it from your favourite hairstylist. However, while it is true that balayage hair highlighting technique is quite easy, it would still be better to choose a real balayage expert.

Check out your favourite hair salon if they provide balayage or if their hairstylist is duly trained and certified to perform a balayage hair highlighting procedure. This is important since you would like the balayage to naturally bring out the beauty in your hair and not damage it in the process. Only the hands of an expert balayage professional can apply the hair colour beautifully and naturally to give you the look that you really want.

Balayage is one of the most unique ways to bring a naturally-looking sparkle in your hair. It is understandable why A-listers love it. And you should, too.

If you find this article interesting, you might want to read more. Just click here to view more topics about practicing good health and wellness.

6 Awesome Ways Drumming Can Benefit Kids

Kids playing drumsChildren are exposed to many things and exciting experiences that can hone how they see themselves and the things around them. Their age is also the time when you may notice their slow or fast development in several aspects of their being. This calls for immediate attention so they can grow normal, completely functional and able of carrying themselves. With this, it is very important to immerse them on activities that can foster their skills and body functions. One great way is to enroll them in a drumming class.

Drumming can help children development, which becomes more effective when they started at a very young age. If you’re not convinced, below are six awesome benefits of enrolling your kids in drumming class.

Greatly Improves Cognitive Functions                           

The development of cognitive functions is critical during the early years of an individual. This is why activities such as drum lessons for kids really matter. When kids participate in drumming sessions regularly, they are able to work on and improve their impulse control and attention. They are trained to effectively focus on details. In addition, they are also taught to become confident in their decision-making skills.

Significantly Improves Gross and Fine Motor Skills 

There are body movements that you won’t notice until you look at them closely. There are also body movements that are very obvious because of the big movements that each part of the body does. All these can be improved more when the kids are enrolled in drum lessons that require discipline. They can become more certain about every movement that they do because drumming trains them to strengthen their muscles. For example, playing a large drum such as the conga can highly develop their lower extremities.

Another Way of Communicating Effectively 

Communication is normally done using the tongue and mouth. We speak with others to express our thoughts. Writing is also another way, which we can use to be very exact about what we want to articulate. However, there are other meaningful ways of communicating with others without speaking or using the pen or computer. Drumming is one creative way to send your message to others. Usually, the message signifies unity and understanding. For example, kids are taught to listen to other kids who play the drums so they can play in the same rhythm and beat. This non-verbal way of communication is beneficial in upholding unity among them.

Great Way to Express Emotions 

Drumming can help children in many ways emotionally speaking. With a lively beat, they can express their happiness while playing with other kids. Playing the drum is also a great way to safely express what kids feel at the moment. In particular, banging the drum is an easy and creative way of releasing their anger or stress. The process of releasing negative feelings while playing the drums is immediately transformed into a process or activity that they will enjoy in the end. See, it only takes a few minutes to quickly change the bad mood into a good one.

Teaches Kids to Become Sociable           

When you enroll your kids to a drum class, you can expect that there are also other kids who are interested to learn to play drums. More probably, your kids don’t know the other kids yet. Your kids won’t be shy to interact with other kids because they are in the same venue with a common interest that will spark instant conversation between them. But aside from this, the actual activity of playing the drums is one way they interact with each other. In this way, they become sociable with the other kids because they are somewhat obliged to do so but in a very inspiring and encouraging way. In particular, they need to socialize with each other because of the collaborative nature of the activity. Drumming sessions teach them skills such as sharing and turn-taking. In the end, they will all feel that they have a part and have contributed significantly to the success of a drumming activity.

Helps Kids to Excel Academically 

Drumming undeniably improves the kids’ ability to effectively concentrate on the things they do. When they are able to concentrate well on their drumming activities, they can also do the same on their academic tasks. They can become more efficient in studying their different subjects such as arts, physical fitness, language, science, math and history.

Aside from these, there are also other benefits such as development of the different parts of the brain, improvement of listening skills, and kinesthetic development that your kids can enjoy. Apparently, drumming is not just a simple activity that can make the kids happy. Playing the drums is worthwhile activity that offers benefits that are truly essential to the kids’ growth and development. If you haven’t enrolled them yet, now is the time to ask them whether or not they are interested in hitting the drums.   

Factors to Consider Before Taking Health Supplements

health supplementsAs our generation becomes more aware of staying in shape and maintaining health and wellness, healthier food options, proper exercise, enough rest, as well as detoxification methods have become more popular over the years. Moreover, health professionals and fitness experts advise that in order to achieve your desired health condition and to cope with environmental stress, it is best to search for the best health supplements website.

In order to reap the benefits of these health supplements, one must consider which among them best suits his or her underlying health condition, age, allergic factors, and environmental circumstances. Below is a list of the factors to consider before ingesting health supplements in your daily diet:

  • Consult a physician before taking in dietary supplements – This should be the first thing on your checklist for a number of very apparent reasons. For example, a patient with an underlying case of diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension may be advised by a physician to avoid supplements that contain glucose and other ingredients that may cause palpitations. Although herbal dietary supplements are generally safe for most people, it is always a wise decision to seek medical advice before giving them to very young children. Additionally, pregnant women must take extra caution when it comes to the things that they ingest including these nutritional supplements as these may directly affect the development of their unborn babies. 
  • Consider your daily diets – There is such a thing as hypervitaminosis, a condition by which the body has an oversupply of certain vitamins that could potentially hamper its normal functions. Although vitamins and minerals are touted to be safe and effective when sourced from natural occurring raw materials, overdosage of some may lead to further health risks when taken in long periods. This is exactly where the doctor’s advice is mostly needed so as to learn the safe limits of a certain person depending on his daily food choices. 
  • The interaction between supplements and prescribed medicines – Adverse reactions may occur when orally taking health supplements together with prescribed medicines for some common illnesses. The combination of these medicines with the active ingredients of that from the health supplements in some cases may cause blood thinning and internal bleeding.

When searching on the internet for a reputable health supplements website, there are some vital things that you need to put into consideration. Some of them are as follows:

Information about the Product

In these times where advertising can be very deceiving, it is not easy to pinpoint which product is best to purchase when you enter Essential Health Foods store. This rings true with health supplements. When a health supplement is introduced through a website, it is essential to read the entire literature of the product. This is just like reading the label of a product before buying it in a supermarket. As you gather information and details, it would also be helpful to do your own research about the supplement. Another important aspect is the product consumers. Learn about their comments and testimonies in order to know if the product is worth an investment.

The People Behind the Website

You might want to remember that legitimate health websites are the ones moderated by health professionals such as physicians, dieticians, nurses and pharmacists. Although herbalists are sometimes considered when seeking health advice, it still pays to deal with licensed professionals to avoid unwanted effects.

The Mission of the Website

Some sites are built for business and introduce their products to the public to take in more cash for their companies; but there are others that genuinely aim to raise people’s awareness towards health and wellness. Be sure to distinguish first which ones have purposes that are beneficial to the general public.

Health claims and benefits should be backed up by reputable scientific research agencies in order to be considered as legitimate. Specific references that shows when, where, and who conducted these studies and researches should be emphasised on the website so that doubts and misleading information are prevented.

The market of health supplement is just too huge that you see tons of products in health and wellness stores as well as in online websites. To get the best supplement, explore product websites completely and get the best advice from a physician.

Treating Back Pain through Physiotherapy

back painOne of the most common discomforts that people experience today is back pain. This is often due to the sedentary way of life. Not enough physical activity and sitting for a long period of time play a role in back pain. The pain happens frequently and becomes chronic because there is no change in the daily activities whatsoever. A lot of people are prone to back pain especially those who are working in an office staring long hours at the. This stagnant posture which takes place five days a week, four weeks a month is tantamount to chronic back especially when no intervention is done. 

This condition can be treated through the use of physiotherapy, surgery and home remedies. Then again, there is no need always for surgery to treat your back pain. Prahran physiotherapy clinic for back pain can certainly help in the treatment of most cases of back pain. It is important to determine the real cause of your back pain before trying to find any treatment solutions. If it is a symptom of a certain disease such as herniated disc or bone fracture, you need to have the source treated right away. Back pain can be perceived as a simple body ache which can be treated with pain relievers or topical creams but when day-to-day activities are already being affected, it needs to be taken care of by a specialist. 

Generally speaking, physiotherapy is considered the first treatment method used for relieving back pain. This treatment is used without the need for surgery or medication. But there are times when the medical professional may also suggest surgery after physiotherapy for the purpose of restoration. 

How does physiotherapy help in treating back pain? 

Physiotherapy consists of active and passive treatment. The therapist may select from the two, or perhaps the combination of both of them, based on the type and extent of the pain. In the passive treatment, the patient does not actively participate during the process of these treatment options such as TENS unit, Iontophoresis, ultrasound, heat and cold packs. 

A heat pack is used to improve the blood circulation to a particular organ, while a cold therapy is used to address inflammation and muscle spasms, as well as slow down the blood flow. The TENS unit can be used to stimulate muscle tissues and cure muscle spasms. The ultrasound is a process used for relieving muscle stiffness, swelling, and many others. In addition to these, a deep kneading massage also works well for alleviating lower and upper back pain. 

On the other hand, active treatments are those that involve the patient in the activity. An active physiotherapy for back pain includes strengthening, stretching and low impact aerobics. Physical exercises such as stretching aid in the treatment and prevention of back pain. In the same manner, back strengthening exercises are effective for treating lower back pain. 

Be aware that there is no specific set of exercises that is performed by all people with back pain. Your therapist will advise you which best exercise is suitable for your needs. The two methods can be used for relieving pain. While the passive approach is applied for the overall relaxation of the body, the active treatment is useful for strengthening the body and also eliminate the discomfort of the condition. 

It is advisable that you should never carry out these exercise routines on your own without the professional assistance of your therapist. Incorrect exercises or asking the help of an unqualified therapist can worsen the pain even further. It is best to go to an authorized physiotherapy clinic that has a licensed professional therapist who can create a personalized plan for you to help relieve your back pain. 

With today’s fast-pace lifestyle where stress and pressure cannot be eliminated, back pain becomes a part of life. It can be prevented through proper exercise and improvement in posture. As for treatment, physiotherapy is the best resort. 

If back pain is causing you to be unproductive at work and inefficient to family errands, it is about time to consult with a physiotherapist. When attended by a specialist, you are assured of accurate treatment with positive results after some time. Compliance to doctor’s advice makes the healing process faster.

How Microdermabrasion Works


Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical skin treatment which is usually performed in a salon or skin clinic and done by a medical professional. The basic principle behind microdermabrasion is exfoliation where the outermost layer of the epidermis is taken off the skin. Many call it the ‘lunch time peel’ because it can actually be completed in as fast as 30 to 45 minutes. Best thing is that procedure allows you go home after.

Microdermabrasion is not only focused on the face area. It can also be applied on other parts of the body where scars or stretch marks are seen. Its success rate is high especially when acquired over a number of sessions. This means you can have microdermabrasion as often as you want as long an interval of one month is followed. Doctor will tell when the best time to have another microdermabrasion is.

There are different ways by which microdermabrasion is carried out. These are explained below:


This professional treatment is the most common among all microdermabrasion formats which is performed in most salons and spas. In here, tiny crystals are splattered onto the skin using a device which looks like a dental instrument and powered by electricity. When these tiny crystals reach the skin, they gently remove dry dead skin on the face. In the case of scars and stretch marks, scar tissues are scraped off. The skin will turn red after a while and will take around an hour for the normal skin color to come back.


This professional treatment literally uses a diamond tip to scrape away scar tissue and dead skin cells. The process can be a little painful but not severe because scraping is done in increments. Thus, no anesthesia is required. As compared to crystal, diamond uses a suction system to take off dead cells from the skin. Diamond is said to be more effective than crystal.  

DIY Home Treatment

Home based is the cheapest and simplest method of microdermabrasion. There are plenty of home kits available in the market today and these come with a step-by-step instructional guide on how to perform the peeling. Although professional methods are far more effective, high-end models of these products are shown to produce better results when used over a longer period. Should there be any negative result or bad side effects, it is recommended to discontinue use of product.

How Does Microdermabrasion Work

The skin normally sheds of dead cells to clear toxins and make room for the growth of new skin cells. While is a natural body system, some cells stay on the skin making the skin dull and rough. Through microdermabrasion, the layer of the skin where these dead cells are located are scrapped off using any of the methods mentioned above. This results to skin rejuvenation where new skin cells form on the epidermis resulting to a soft, smooth youthful skin. One fact about the skin is that there is a fourth layer called ‘stratum corneum’ which is where small lines and wrinkles form before they dig deeper into the skin. Since microdermabrasion can be done multiple times, lines and wrinkles can be reduced if not eliminated.

This fourth layer, also called false layer, must be removed so that the skin can breathe normally and that skin treatment methods become more effective. When you apply skin cream, ointment or moisturizer, the skin easily absorbs these products and therefore, positive results display quickly as well.

There are several reason why vacuum during microdermabrasion is employed. These are listed below:

  • It raises impurities and unwanted cells from the lower layers of the skin pushing them up making them the next layer for removal.
  • It isolates some sections of the skin intended for deeper cleaning.
  • It makes treatment sessions shorter as it is directed on isolated sections only.
  • It collects and disposes all kinds of materials from the skin allowing it to regenerate and reform naturally.

The sole purpose of microdermabrasion is the removal of the top layer of the skin leaving the lower layers unaffected. While it can be done at home, its success rate is not as high as compared to professional settings. If you want to pay for a treatment that goes beyond quality, go straight to the experts – microdermabrasion in Melbourne – Skintopia.

My Visit to a Local Dentist

Dental Checkup

I am a careless person as far as tooth care is concerned because of the large amount of junk food consumed on a daily basis. For instance, burger and hot dogs are my favorites while rushing to the office like any other person. Over a period of time cavities appeared in the molar tooth and suddenly it started to pain without any rhyme or reason. I had returned from work and after eating as soon as I went to sleep, the toothache returned with a vengeance. Like a seasoned warrior, I thought that a pain killer would suffice however even after gulping down the tablet, the pain continued to linger. As a result, I was not able to sleep whole night and woke up in the morning with a heavy head. Therefore, my logical reaction was to rush to the dental clinic so that I could meet the qualified medical consultants for instant relief.

At the Dental Clinic

As I walked in to a local Dentist Coburg, my first encounter was with the student doctor who seemed to be very friendly towards the patients. I was third in the queue, so had to wait for my turn however the trainee consultant kept me engaged by asking about the trouble I was facing with the tooth. He immediately suggested x ray before I could meet the expert consultant for the treatment. Initially, he probed my mouth and checked the teeth to find the origin of the pain. I was quite apprehensive about the x ray procedure due to the prior information that it caused radiation and other issues. The doctor advised me to stay calm and told that due to the latest technology spread of radiation is localized and the effect is minimal.

Although, oral checking isolated the molar tooth, the senior doctor conducted Palatal x ray that provided a snap shot of all the teeth and their current state. It confirmed the suspicion that molar tooth was infected and other neighboring ones displayed large amount of cavities. The doctor didn’t admonish me but suggested that I needed to take care of my teeth by cutting down on junk food and brushing them regularly after dinner at night.

Out of sheer curiosity, I requested the doctor to show me the images and to my pleasant surprise he was more than happy to oblige. In the film, I was able to witness the white infection that had percolated down to the root of the tooth and was creating pain while affecting the sensitive area. The Doctor told me that I needed a root canal treatment for immediate relief however the news deflated my enthusiasm because of the misconception that it was a painful procedure.

The Best Ways to Stay Healthy During Winter

winter healthWe all know that winter season is the hardest time when we need to keep up with cold and flu season. No one likes to feel sick and to have to go to a doctor, and be prescribed antibiotics and other drugs, but we cannot stay at privacy of our own home to stay away from all viruses and bacteria around us. So now is the best time to think about how to prevent this!

There are numerous ways of prevention, and we have chosen some pretty great tips for you to strengthening your immune system for the cold winter season! Here they are:

1) Consume a lot of water!Consuming the right amount of water will be great for your health in any time of the year, especially during the winter season.

2) Try to keep stress to a minimum! Stress is very bad for your immune system and recent studies showed that people with reduced amount of stress had minor chances of catching colds and flu. To keep the stress on a low level spend more time with friends and family and work reasonable hours at your work.

Eat Healthy

3) Eat healthier! If you maintain to have a good and healthy diet full of fresh vegetables and fruit, and keep organic meats, alcohol and other junk food away you will keep your body clean from toxins. Your immune system will be thankful.

4) Find the best supplement for your health! Fruits and vegetables are sometimes not enough, and you’ll want to boost your body with a supplement. Contact your nutritionist and ask for advice on what supplement will be the best for you and your lifestyle.

5) Get more sleep! If you try to get a right amount of sleep every night, you will feel much better! Sleep six to eight hours per night, that is the average amount and adult person needs. Without enough sleep your body will be weak and vulnerable to illness.

6) Washing your hands! Must be very regular, since it will keep viruses and bacteria away from your mouth and your eyes. A bottle of hand sanitizer will be good to have in your purse.

7) Stop smoking! Smoking weakens your immunity system and we don’t want that to happen during winter. If you can’t quit, try to keep it on minimal.

Stop Smoking

8) Eliminate sugar from your diet! Try to eliminate all forms of it. Read more about sugar on the internet and you will be surprised that you can also find it in pasta, bread, yogurt, rice, store-bought fruit juices etc.

9) Try to eat less! It will give your body rest from digestion and body will be ready to fight off potential viruses and bacteria.

We gave you some simple tips of what to do so keep your immune system in a good shape. And we hope that they will help you to stay healthy during the cold winter season! We are all looking forward to spring and better weather.