Incorporate Sports Massage to Become a Better Marathon Runner

marathonRunning can be very difficult on our muscles. It requires sustained contractions and a lot of force that shortens muscle fibers. This is the only way that we end up moving faster and further. But at the same time, it will lead to more than just shortened and tighter muscles. Your range of motion is also reduced and circulation of blood to tissues is decreased. For marathon runners like me, these are the risks we make whenever we train and race. Although I love running, I have to be aware how it affects my body too.

Because I wanted to make sure that I am able to run for many more years to come, I decided to incorporate the best sports massage in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs into my routine. I heard about this from other fellow runners before, and after reading up on its benefits, I became convinced that this is the best way to take care of my body and continue to do marathons.

Massage is a great idea to counteract the effects of running on your body. It will elongate your muscles and relieve tightness. At the same time, joint range of motion can be restored.

Another huge benefit of massage is that it makes your circulatory system more effective. This can, in turn, affect the transfer of oxygen and the removal of waste from your cells. This system is also responsible for bringing blood rich in glucose and electrolytes to your muscle tissue. Lastly, it cleanses your body by picking up by-products and waste from muscles. 

A more effective circulatory system will affect the other systems of your body as well. Surrounding cells and tissues receive more nutrients and oxygen. Your blood vessels will increase in diameter and blood pressure is decreased. This is very good for runners because the better function of your circulatory system will help us recover faster. Moreover, injuries can be prevented and we can even improve our performance.

A massage after training or a marathon can reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Healing of connective tissues is improved. Other benefits include the reduction of both cortisol levels and norepinephrine and epinephrine levels. Even your posture and gait can be restored. Lastly, your breathing is improved because tight respiratory muscles are loosened.

To fully enjoy these advantages, one massage is not enough. This is why you have to incorporate it into your routine, because these effects accumulate and increase when you have repetitive and sequential sessions. 

Your massage therapy can also be part of a preventative program. And if you suffer an injury, massage can be part of the recovery process after going to the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Once you have found a reliable massage therapist, he or she can develop a plan specifically for you. This would depend on your running schedule, goals, and other factors. Regular sessions will be set, it can be done weekly, monthly or every two weeks. If you have recurring injuries or weaknesses, or targeting a new distance, take this into consideration. Even your budget is a main factor. Massages should be scheduled around dates of races or marathons. Sessions before a run should be done 3 to 5 days earlier and schedule one 3 to 5 days after as well. This is to make sure that muscles are not anymore sore. Do not forget to also drink a lot of water, to stretch and eat well as part of your routine.

Although running makes me feel good, and I would love to continue running for as long as I can, the fact is, it is also a sport that puts enormous pressure on our legs. In fact, forces equivalent up to 3 times of our body weight press down on our feet when we run. Imagine how much that is when we are running a long distance, like in a marathon. 

Your stretching routine before going for a run, though beneficial, is not enough. Only the middle of the muscles will reap the advantages, on the other hand, a good sports massage can take care of the entire muscle. Therefore, tightness can be adequately addressed. When the issue is resolved, then you can run normally and vigorously again without an pain or discomfort encountered.

Massage is not the complete solution, instead, it should be incorporated into your routine, along with proper stretching, warming up and cooling down, as well as a nutritious diet. This is the only way to make sure our bodies are ready and able to take on the demands of marathon running. So go and look for a great and reliable sports massage therapist to be your partner in achieving your running goals.