My Visit to a Local Dentist

Dental Checkup

I am a careless person as far as tooth care is concerned because of the large amount of junk food consumed on a daily basis. For instance, burger and hot dogs are my favorites while rushing to the office like any other person. Over a period of time cavities appeared in the molar tooth and suddenly it started to pain without any rhyme or reason. I had returned from work and after eating as soon as I went to sleep, the toothache returned with a vengeance. Like a seasoned warrior, I thought that a pain killer would suffice however even after gulping down the tablet, the pain continued to linger. As a result, I was not able to sleep whole night and woke up in the morning with a heavy head. Therefore, my logical reaction was to rush to the dental clinic so that I could meet the qualified medical consultants for instant relief.

At the Dental Clinic

As I walked in to a local Dentist Coburg, my first encounter was with the student doctor who seemed to be very friendly towards the patients. I was third in the queue, so had to wait for my turn however the trainee consultant kept me engaged by asking about the trouble I was facing with the tooth. He immediately suggested x ray before I could meet the expert consultant for the treatment. Initially, he probed my mouth and checked the teeth to find the origin of the pain. I was quite apprehensive about the x ray procedure due to the prior information that it caused radiation and other issues. The doctor advised me to stay calm and told that due to the latest technology spread of radiation is localized and the effect is minimal.

Although, oral checking isolated the molar tooth, the senior doctor conducted Palatal x ray that provided a snap shot of all the teeth and their current state. It confirmed the suspicion that molar tooth was infected and other neighboring ones displayed large amount of cavities. The doctor didn’t admonish me but suggested that I needed to take care of my teeth by cutting down on junk food and brushing them regularly after dinner at night.

Out of sheer curiosity, I requested the doctor to show me the images and to my pleasant surprise he was more than happy to oblige. In the film, I was able to witness the white infection that had percolated down to the root of the tooth and was creating pain while affecting the sensitive area. The Doctor told me that I needed a root canal treatment for immediate relief however the news deflated my enthusiasm because of the misconception that it was a painful procedure.