The Best Ways to Stay Healthy During Winter

winter healthWe all know that winter season is the hardest time when we need to keep up with cold and flu season. No one likes to feel sick and to have to go to a doctor, and be prescribed antibiotics and other drugs, but we cannot stay at privacy of our own home to stay away from all viruses and bacteria around us. So now is the best time to think about how to prevent this!

There are numerous ways of prevention, and we have chosen some pretty great tips for you to strengthening your immune system for the cold winter season! Here they are:

1) Consume a lot of water!Consuming the right amount of water will be great for your health in any time of the year, especially during the winter season.

2) Try to keep stress to a minimum! Stress is very bad for your immune system and recent studies showed that people with reduced amount of stress had minor chances of catching colds and flu. To keep the stress on a low level spend more time with friends and family and work reasonable hours at your work.

Eat Healthy

3) Eat healthier! If you maintain to have a good and healthy diet full of fresh vegetables and fruit, and keep organic meats, alcohol and other junk food away you will keep your body clean from toxins. Your immune system will be thankful.

4) Find the best supplement for your health! Fruits and vegetables are sometimes not enough, and you’ll want to boost your body with a supplement. Contact your nutritionist and ask for advice on what supplement will be the best for you and your lifestyle.

5) Get more sleep! If you try to get a right amount of sleep every night, you will feel much better! Sleep six to eight hours per night, that is the average amount and adult person needs. Without enough sleep your body will be weak and vulnerable to illness.

6) Washing your hands! Must be very regular, since it will keep viruses and bacteria away from your mouth and your eyes. A bottle of hand sanitizer will be good to have in your purse.

7) Stop smoking! Smoking weakens your immunity system and we don’t want that to happen during winter. If you can’t quit, try to keep it on minimal.

Stop Smoking

8) Eliminate sugar from your diet! Try to eliminate all forms of it. Read more about sugar on the internet and you will be surprised that you can also find it in pasta, bread, yogurt, rice, store-bought fruit juices etc.

9) Try to eat less! It will give your body rest from digestion and body will be ready to fight off potential viruses and bacteria.

We gave you some simple tips of what to do so keep your immune system in a good shape. And we hope that they will help you to stay healthy during the cold winter season! We are all looking forward to spring and better weather.