Treating Back Pain through Physiotherapy

back painOne of the most common discomforts that people experience today is back pain. This is often due to the sedentary way of life. Not enough physical activity and sitting for a long period of time play a role in back pain. The pain happens frequently and becomes chronic because there is no change in the daily activities whatsoever. A lot of people are prone to back pain especially those who are working in an office staring long hours at the. This stagnant posture which takes place five days a week, four weeks a month is tantamount to chronic back especially when no intervention is done. 

This condition can be treated through the use of physiotherapy, surgery and home remedies. Then again, there is no need always for surgery to treat your back pain. Prahran physiotherapy clinic for back pain can certainly help in the treatment of most cases of back pain. It is important to determine the real cause of your back pain before trying to find any treatment solutions. If it is a symptom of a certain disease such as herniated disc or bone fracture, you need to have the source treated right away. Back pain can be perceived as a simple body ache which can be treated with pain relievers or topical creams but when day-to-day activities are already being affected, it needs to be taken care of by a specialist. 

Generally speaking, physiotherapy is considered the first treatment method used for relieving back pain. This treatment is used without the need for surgery or medication. But there are times when the medical professional may also suggest surgery after physiotherapy for the purpose of restoration. 

How does physiotherapy help in treating back pain? 

Physiotherapy consists of active and passive treatment. The therapist may select from the two, or perhaps the combination of both of them, based on the type and extent of the pain. In the passive treatment, the patient does not actively participate during the process of these treatment options such as TENS unit, Iontophoresis, ultrasound, heat and cold packs. 

A heat pack is used to improve the blood circulation to a particular organ, while a cold therapy is used to address inflammation and muscle spasms, as well as slow down the blood flow. The TENS unit can be used to stimulate muscle tissues and cure muscle spasms. The ultrasound is a process used for relieving muscle stiffness, swelling, and many others. In addition to these, a deep kneading massage also works well for alleviating lower and upper back pain. 

On the other hand, active treatments are those that involve the patient in the activity. An active physiotherapy for back pain includes strengthening, stretching and low impact aerobics. Physical exercises such as stretching aid in the treatment and prevention of back pain. In the same manner, back strengthening exercises are effective for treating lower back pain. 

Be aware that there is no specific set of exercises that is performed by all people with back pain. Your therapist will advise you which best exercise is suitable for your needs. The two methods can be used for relieving pain. While the passive approach is applied for the overall relaxation of the body, the active treatment is useful for strengthening the body and also eliminate the discomfort of the condition. 

It is advisable that you should never carry out these exercise routines on your own without the professional assistance of your therapist. Incorrect exercises or asking the help of an unqualified therapist can worsen the pain even further. It is best to go to an authorized physiotherapy clinic that has a licensed professional therapist who can create a personalized plan for you to help relieve your back pain. 

With today’s fast-pace lifestyle where stress and pressure cannot be eliminated, back pain becomes a part of life. It can be prevented through proper exercise and improvement in posture. As for treatment, physiotherapy is the best resort. 

If back pain is causing you to be unproductive at work and inefficient to family errands, it is about time to consult with a physiotherapist. When attended by a specialist, you are assured of accurate treatment with positive results after some time. Compliance to doctor’s advice makes the healing process faster.