3 Tips to Getting an Excellent Balayage Hair Colouring

balayageAll over the world people are asking their favourite hair stylists to perform a balayage on them. People require the more natural sun-kissed look of balayage hair colouring than the plasticky and very unnatural look of foil hair colouring. This hair highlighting technique, while already been in use in Paris since the 1970s, only washed the shores of North America in the 80s and 90s. But how do you get an excellent balayage in the first place?

Here are some tips.

Learn the Fundamentals

Balayage is quite easy to do if you know the basics. While it does not require foil or any other material aside from the hair pigment you will be using to colour your hair you will still have to learn how to apply the pigment onto your hair. The effect you want to achieve is an unevenly and heavier coloured hair at the tips to create an illusion of hair growth. If you have seen natural hair that reflects the sun’s rays in the morning or late in the afternoon where some sections of the hair naturally sparkle while others do not, then that is the effect that you would like to achieve.

To help you learn the basics, you may want to watch a hair colouring expert perform a balayage on someone else. Then you can try to apply it on your willing family members or friends first before you try it on yourself.

Get Inspiration

There are plenty of Hollywood celebrities and A-listers including members of the social elite that uses balayage. The problem is that most people don’t know that these celebrities are using balayage simply because the hair colouring is so subtle that it would seem it was not applied onto the hair itself. It gives an illusion that the hair naturally looks that way.

Check out fashion magazines and try to spot celebrities and models who may or may not have a balayage to understand the subtle differences between the two. Or you can compare balayage with other types of hair colouring techniques to give you a much better understanding of why a lot of celebrities choose the balayage over other techniques.

Get a Balayage Expert

Now, if you don’t like messing your hands or are not really confident about applying the hair colouring on yourself, then your best option will be to get it from your favourite hairstylist. However, while it is true that balayage hair highlighting technique is quite easy, it would still be better to choose a real balayage expert.

Check out your favourite hair salon if they provide balayage or if their hairstylist is duly trained and certified to perform a balayage hair highlighting procedure. This is important since you would like the balayage to naturally bring out the beauty in your hair and not damage it in the process. Only the hands of an expert balayage professional can apply the hair colour beautifully and naturally to give you the look that you really want.

Balayage is one of the most unique ways to bring a naturally-looking sparkle in your hair. It is understandable why A-listers love it. And you should, too.

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